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I don’t even know that relationships are seen as an integrated part of this whole ‘future’ idea.” Enter “The Dating Project,” which conveniently picks up where Stepp’s book left off.

“Our premise was to follow five single people trying to figure out dating in the age of social media, texting, hanging out, and hooking up,” writes Catherine Sample, one of the film’s producers.

What we’re left with is a generation (or two) that’s skilled in the marketplace but illiterate in love. SEE ALSO: One Thing Paul, Apostle of Christ Didn't Show Movie-Goers “Relationships and marriage is probably one of the most important things you’re going to do in your life, right? They are largely to blame for why more than 50 percent of America is single. Cecilia, who hadn’t had a date in years, tells a story about a date she went on in which the man did nothing more than touch her arm.But people don’t spend any time doing anything about it,” notes Chris Donahue, another one of the film’s producers. But Cecilia had forgotten what it’s like to have genuine physical contact, so when the man made this gesture she “wanted to cry.” As she tells her story, she chokes up and asks the film crew to “cut” by waving her hand in front of the camera.Its central theme emphasizes the importance of relationships to everyone’s quality of life and the problems that occur when they are fractured. Beth ( first spoke with Bob Wieland ( whose legs were blown off in Viet Nam and zipped into a body bag. My second guest, Elsa Prado, discussed some of the moral issues she struggles with now, that she wasn’t aware of when she was artificially inseminated to save her marriage. Leslie Beth Wish, to get her perspective on this very important topic. before the turn of the 20th century, and his father was U. Description: Relationships 101 is a series of conversations about relationships of all kinds: spouses, partners and singles, parents with children and grandchildren, siblings with each other, friendships, and mentors and the mentees whose growth they invest in nurturing. Minneapolis Mad Dads.org), the newly inaugurated national President of Mad … When he came back stateside, he required only six weeks’ hospitalization, while some of the soldiers were still in the hospital into their third year. Beth ( spoke with Matt Cavallo ( about his multiple sclerosis that came with a vengeance overnight when he was 28 years old. We discussed tips for making this relationship constructive. Beth Erickson ( first spoke with Senator Adlai Stevenson III (

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Crystal spend 4 years with a narcissist, became engaged, but broke it off before disaster ensued and she married and had children with him. Beth ( first spoke with Amanda Bennett ( about the emotional and financial costs of searching for a cure of her husband’s cancer. Certainly, there are challenges, but there also are multiple rewards.… What makes some people susceptible to spiritual abuse while others are immune? Kristen Brown became a widow at 31, and instead of sinking into depression, she became an entrepreneur. My second guests were a couple, Piper Hoffman and Aviv Roth, who shared their decision, their feelings, and their process … When Marlene Clay divorced, she vowed not to repeat the mistakes of her parents and stepmother. Beth ( first spoke with award-winning author Barbara A. Beth ( spoke with Matt Cavallo ( about his multiple sclerosis that came with a vengeance overnight when he was 28 years old.

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