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There is no denying her beauty Sandra thought, her silky auburn hair flowing down towards the small of her back, her eyes a stunning brown shaded by long eyelashes.

She wore a long red dress with low-cut-back that accentuated her figure as it moulded perfectly around her breasts and into her slim waist.

Most women, if not all the women in the room, would find him by far and away the only one worth looking at more than once.

The woman sat next to him was an attractive looking blonde who dressed quite classy but did not have a wedding ring on her finger so one had to assume she was not the wife of Mr. Terry Fernley she had met before; he was with his wife Paige.

She did not know his name then but he was quite attractive, the classic chiselled good looks, tall, dark and very handsome.

Apparently he was very clever but had a reputation among female staff of being a bit of a creep, altogether too touchy feely for the liking of many. She wore a short pink dress with a rather low plunging neckline revealing a great deal of cleavage.

Her breasts were smallish but she displayed them perfectly much to the pleasure of the drooling males.

” At the opposite end of the table sat his wife Rachel, a leggy brunette who Sandra had met on numerous occasions and had developed a good relationship with over the past two years or so.

Sandra would have estimated her to be around forty-two years of age, easily twenty years, or more, younger than her husband.

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