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Asian female narratives are allowed in schools and society.

That being a woman in a man’s world comes with inherent obstacles that men may not face.

Whether you agree with me or not, I represent a significant number of Asian men and their voices.

I have a unique and irreplaceable knowledge of Asian men, not only because I myself am one, but because for the past ten years I have worked with thousands of Asian men on an individual basis and have come to intimately know each and every one of their struggles.

This is critical, because growing up as an Asian American man, we were taught that we were inferior BY Asian American women.

They were the ones allowed to write the narrative of what it meant to be an Asian person integrating into White society, and we as Asian men were largely forgotten and ignored, sometimes ignorantly, other times maliciously.

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We’ve felt for decades that when Asian women speak, it’s at us, not with us, and so by Asian women extending this olive branch to us, it will allow us to heal and help us help you.

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