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Accommodating is an unassertive and cooperative approach.This approach satisfies the other party’s needs but not your own.Do you recognize your preferred style of dealing with conflict here?‘Avoiding’ negotiators really don’t like negotiations! They try to avoid conflict by any means possible, maybe by passing the responsibility to another member of their team or just by staying quiet.You are willing to give up just about everything in order to preserve the relationship with the other party.It is certainly reasonable to use this strategy when the issue at hand is something of little importance to you.

Compromiser negotiators do what is fair for both parties.

Avoiding ought to be used when the relationship will mean little to the party using it.

This is so because this technique will neglect the interests of both parties. This style can be used when the issue is not as important as the relationship, or if there is limited time or resources available.

It can be a useful tool to preserve the relationship.

But the drawback is that one’s true issues are not being met. And it can result in a loss in power or face over time, and it can be seen as the other person taking advantage of you.

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Doesn’t it make sense that your organization would actively seek out and promote those individuals that demonstrate early in their careers the ability to address conflict in productive ways?

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