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, and Ryan Mc Namara in the NY Harbor at The Honorable William Wall, Manhattan Yacht Club's floating clubhouse.

With amazing views, enjoy dinner, music, cocktails, and a silent auction while we toast the night away at sunset. Art Camp on Fire Island is a culmination of artistic presentations contextualized by the history and culture of queer communities on Fire Island.

Kahn is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily in video with a practice that includes performance, writing, drawing, and sound.

Humor, pathos and the uncanny emerge as central modes in a hybrid media practice that seeks to re-work relationships between fiction and document, the real and the hyper-real, narrative time and the synchronic time of impulse.

operates at intersections of sound, sculpture, and theater.

The will present a community driven artist residency program where 10 artists are selected to create a body of work that enriches and informs.

archive ( and will inevitably trickle through other social media platforms and myriad digital devices.

In vastly different ways, the commissioned works will take inspiration from the unique challenges and opportunities of these networked digital contexts, examining the ways art and social media shape our interaction with the world, and vice versa.

He has shown collections styled through a crowd-sourcing video game, hung on a collapsible shop by artist Lizzie Fitch (sold as a single work of art), or presented collections in the format of reality TV with renowned artist and long time collaborator Ryan .

In recent years he has risen acutely from underground darling and art/fashion hybrid to make a compelling case for his place in America’s future-mainstream.

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