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Original Post: One of our favorite (former) Hollywood couples might be giving their relationship another green light.

The delightful Jenny Slate and noted nice guy Chris Evans, who reportedly dated for a handful of months upon the completion of their film the duo were spotted enjoying the company of each other while eating food on two separate occasions in the Georgia city.

If there's anywhere that should smell like you and have your staple on it, it's your bedroom. If anybody is visiting your room, then all they're going to smell is you, and they'll forever be reminded of you when they smell that again. Lipstick: What's your favorite memory from the shoot? It was the first time I met her, and we hit it off right away. We were shooting in Italy and just had a ball.__ERW:__The whole thing was fun.

But one of my favorite moments was after we were done.

We caught up with the actors and asked each of them to reveal some fun fragrance-related facts about themselves, like which scent reminds of them of their first love (hint: Victoria's Secret is involved).

The two were reportedly seen hunting for a new apartment for Evans in New York City, and they looked "happy" and "very much back together." So cute!You can't be afraid to make mistakes, you have to take risks.We all have those moments we look back on and wish weren't captured on film, but we're not alone in that.__ERW:__It always reminds me of a beautiful leather. It's smooth, it's sleek, it's classic, but there's an edge to it.It's like here's this beautiful, strong, independent woman, but she's got this thing, a little air of mystery. CE: I'm a two-sprays-and-walk-through-it kind of guy, because when you get too much on your own skin you run the risk of over-applying and you got a whole nightmare on your hands.

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