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(I’m also usually the one making dinner, but I like doing that.) I had a fibromyalgia patient once tell me that laundry was the clearest barometer of how she was feeling.The worse the laundry situation, the worse she felt. As long as no one minds fishing unfolded clean clothes out of baskets and wearing whatever two socks they find first, I feel less guilty about how slow I am at getting it all done.I’ve had CFS for three years now, but I’ve only known what it was for a little over a year.Our day-to-day life is a constantly evolving process.My illness has made me sympathetic to their mental and physical states, as well.The ironic thing about CFS is that one of the symptoms is sleep trouble – something with which I’m well familiar.

And if we never mention that you told us to do [x undesirable task], we’ll see if you remember that too.” stompstompstompstompstomp “You’re taking too lonnnnnngggg”¦” Any of you who have survived having a 3-year-old (far, far more challenging than that “Terrible Twos” stage), know what particular nightmares come with things like bedtime.(You can read more about the symptoms here.) Before I get into it, I want to stress that this is not a pity party, nor is it an event in the “You think you have it bad? What are personal posts but a mix of vanity and empathy?My hope is that anyone who has a family and an illness, either mental or physical, will be able to relate.It’s an extraordinarily understated name for a condition that can leave sufferers bed-bound or otherwise disabled.The way it manifests differs widely – and why that is has yet to be scientifically understood – but the best way I can describe it, personally, is that it’s often like having the flu a hangover, without the puking. Because I do not often see articles that talk about life with CFS and children, I am compelled to do my part.

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