Dating a handicaped person

I am stronger than most and very very resilient We think outside the box Disabled People are amazing at seeing the bigger picture, there is no problem we can’t face. Saving kids in Africa makes them stand open mouthed I’m no scrounger Despite my barriers, I have a job I love.It’s not fancy or big hitting but I enjoy it, I won’t ask you for money Creative Because having a difficulty makes it easy to be a creative power, difference is good. I live for today I know how easy life can change, in a blink of an eye.So that’s what put a large smile on my face: knowing that an old Internet friend is progressing very well and is again a beautiful and productive lady. Why is everyone thinking with their head in the gutter when they are dating handicap?Besides, I got to take her out to dinner so we could talk. If one person worries how to have sex with a person in a wheel chair, that's definely a very shallow person. Yeah its no surprise 1 your a pretty lady and 2 u have a kind face so of course they approach! Water fights Bizarre as this may may sound but according to government Disabled People are exempt from hose pipe bands. Because racing trolleys in the Supermarket at 2am when drunk is so last season… Disabled Girlfriend to the rescue, Free pass lets go for a drive. First on the plane and last off we beat the crowds and take it easy Race Ya… She had a major stroke a while back and would have been relegated to the dust-bin for humans had it not been for her excellent attitude and the help of her family physician. A couple days ago, while I was out of town, I had occasion to cause a surprise visit with a gal almost my age who I have been “talking” with over the net and by phone almost since the net started.

I dont know if that counts but if I were with someone and he became physically disabled then yea I would still date him, that would just be shallow to dump him....

A few years ago, I used to blog under a different account, It was general ramblings about the things that entered my head, nobody really read it, or took much notice. Wheelchairs are far more superior and don’t have wonky wheeels!

That was until I published a post called 10 reasons why Dating a Disabled Girl is the best thing you’ll Ever do. Fancy Gadgets My house is equipped with Gadgets to help me round the house, be it a through floor lift a personal washing toilet, massive wet room or a bed that sits you up, loving me could feel futuristic Determined I have dealt with massive amounts of crap in my life, whether it be .

I wanted to watch her natural movement, after all, without her realizing I was watching. Dressed quite nicely, walking tall and with class, only the hint of a limp that few without a trained eye would notice.

Sure, I could see the affect of the stroke, but she covered very nicely.

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