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Try playing the instruments without looking at the headstock and let the sound and playability guide your purchasing decision.

Over the course of 100 years, the Epiphone brand has been associated with many different levels of guitars—from 0 beginner models to the archtops of the early 20th century that are worth several thousand dollars.

By the late ’80s, Les Pauls, Flying Vs, SGs, and other Gibson models were being produced with an Epiphone logo.

With the average price-point of an electric guitar dropping to 7 in 2010, it is simply a way for guitar manufacturers to remain competitive in the 21st-century business landscape.

Epiphones that are built in the image of popular Gibson models are becoming even more similar, and if not for the headstock logo, it’s difficult to differentiate the two.

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The retro-future stylings of the Flying V, Explorer, and Firebird.

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It wasn’t until 1986 when Henry Juszkiewicz, David Berryman, and Gary Zebrowksi purchased Gibson that Epiphones slowly became the budget brand of Gibson.

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