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According to the ordinary people, she broke the marriage of Khalid and his wife, Tengku Zawyah Tengku Izham. Siti denied the allegation on 28th January 2008 at a tea reception where she said: This is the question I have been waiting for.

In all sincerity and as a Muslim, I’d like to say that my relationship with Siti started after the divorce.

Though Siti already has children from her husband’s first marriage, she wanted to be pregnant and blessed with her child. Recently, rumor has sparkled that Siti is again pregnant in July.

Siti told: We always pray for the happiness that we achieve will last. I hope one day I will be blessed with a child of my own even though I already have children from my husband’s previous marriage Finally, after nine years of wedding, Siti got pregnant in December 2015. However, her husband Datuk Khalid urged fans to be patient and wait for confirmation of the pregnant news from the singer herself.

She once got accused of causing the divorce of Datuk Khalid.

But who is Datuk Khalid and why was she charged with such a claim? If you are eager to know more about her then scroll down: Malaysia’s favorite songstress Siti Nurhaliza once broked million of hearts.

Then, it is likely that if Tiffany’s ex-husband does not like children, they will not remarry. They are much focused on the comic side of the black lives raising serious issues hilariously: satire and fun as their agency. Tiffany has a busy schedule traveling across the US cities promoting her movies and giving public performances.

One thing Tiffany has made public: She is currently a divorcee.

But Siti denied the story and felt tired of accusations on their wedding.

She loves her husband a lot, and they are still together.

Siti had in no way have any connection with the divorce.

If you check with Jawi, which carried out their investigations, you will know that this is true Rumor also arose two years ago, that the marriage relationship between the couple is going to end in a divorce.

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