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"But sometimes, if I wanted to flake too, it makes me feel relieved or even self-congratulatory, like I won a game of chicken."Flaking — like that other modern phenomenon, — is clearly a two-way street. , "I join about 12 Facebook events a month for shows or birthdays and go to something like two of them.There's nothing like that rush of realizing you won't be caught in a corner with some stale conversationalist or stuck seeing a horrific band.Your answer is one in a plague of "Sorry I'm late! " texts that are floating around in the air at this very moment, caught between "Can't make it.

When the excuse of business doesn't seem to suffice, we turn to apologetic self-deprecation. No matter how good the excuse, flakiness can signal that we no longer care to invest in our friends, which can legitimately impact our relationships.I almost never regret just shooting a text and passing out." Thus the twin feelings of rejection and relief have become a hallmark of modern friendship.We wouldn't keep flaking it if it weren't so damn easy — nothing lets us so seamlessly shed our commitments quite like a text.The Internet hasn't helped, giving us the sense that there are endless social options to choose from on any given night. "Since many times plans are made through technology, it somehow doesn't feel as wrong to just undo them via technology as well.It doesn't seem as concrete in the first place, as, say, a paper birthday invitation."In fact, a conducted by the social network Badoo found that 43% of 18- to 24-year-olds have canceled plans through social media.

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