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New WAC recruits underwent four to six weeks of basic training, which included a physical training program, often followed by four to twelve weeks of specialist training.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and civil rights leader Dr.

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Major Adams received official greetings from a number of civilian and U. The women were welcome in British public spaces and were sometimes invited into private homes for tea.6 The enlisted women were quartered in the old King Edward School, and the officers were quartered in two houses.

None of these facilities was very warm during the winter.

Although male African-American Soldiers, along with white servicemen and women, had been allowed in a local club for enlisted American military personnel run by the American Red Cross, neither this club nor the American Red Cross hotels set up for WACS in London welcomed the African-American WACs.

Their ship, the Ile de France, survived close encounters with Nazi U-boats and arrived in Glasgow, Scotland, on 14 February, where a German V-1 rocket exploded near the dock, causing the women to run for cover. Within a few days of their arrival, they held a military parade for Lieutenant General John C. Lee, which was watched by a number of curious local citizens.

A second contingent arrived in Birmingham from Scotland fifty days later.5 In Birmingham, the women of “Six Triple Eight” confronted warehouses stacked to the ceiling with letters and packages.

As it was a cold winter, the women wore long johns and extra layers of clothing under their coats while working in these warehouses.

The unit members were organized into three separate eight-hour shifts so work continued around the clock, seven days a week.

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One general predicted that the backlog in Birmingham would take six months to process. Under the heading of “Personnel problems,” an Adjutant General’s report stated that, “Since D-Day, and for a long time prior to that date, a shortage of qualified postal officers has existed within the [European] theater.

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