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Ukrainian Army fortifications near Novotroitske, Talakivka and Pavlopil were also attacked with the use of mortars.Illegal armed forces used tanks attacking positions of Ukrainian Army in Luhanske, positions there were shelled 15 times with shells of 125 mm caliber.After that they stopped and made two launches from RPG. It was decided to temporarily stop the work of the checkpoint.One grenade hit Stella located near the checkpoint, another grenade hit fortifications where Ukrainian soldiers were located. People who were crossing the contact line were taken to the safe area.

Here is statistics posted by Border Guard Service of Ukraine today at Full size map of attacks on Ukrainian Army positions that happened in the last 24 hours is available at is the report posted by ATO Press Center today in the morning.You can see original post in Ukrainian at situation in the East of Ukraine continues to get worse.Today in the morning there were 200 vehicles at Zaitseve checkpoint going to government-controlled territory and 100 vehicles going out.At Mariinka there were 130 vehicles going in and 300 going out.

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There were 50 vehicles going in and 80 going out at Novotroitske checkpoint.

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