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Benzino appears to be done with his search for a soulmate. CAUSE I HAVE FOUND MY ANGEL, I CAN SAY I KNOW WHAT LOVE IS NOW!!Yesterday on Instagram, he posted the above photo of his new girlfriend, Althea Heart, with a ring on her finger, writing, “All my life i’ve been waiting for God to bless me with the stregnth to finally step up and be a MAN!! ” This image was just one of many ring shots he posted to his page. co-stars, as there are photos of the couple posing with Stevie J, Joseline, Kirk, Rasheeda, and Traci Steele all over the place — but Benzino is not inviting Karlie Redd to the engagement party any time soon.

This comes after Ceaser and Dutchess broke up amid allegations that he fathered a child with another woman who later aborted the baby. At the beginning of the season, Karlie claimed Antonio Reid, L. Honestly, knowing that Karlie is so pressed to get that hit song that she has been talking about repeatedly since the show first started, it wasn’t surprising that she was all for hooking up with Benzino, probably thinking that he could help her make some significant progress with her career. Michelle aside, Karlie found an interest in Benzino and has now started dating him and the two have become an item on the show. But due to lack of common interest and him not being supportive of her career, Karlie said she had to end things between her and Antonio.Check out some other famous on-again, off-again reality show couples below.Lyfe already went on record that Karlie Redd was NOT the woman he thought she was. But last week Lyfe Jennings gave Karlie Redd her news with a kick rocks ring.

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