Faris badwan and rachel zeffira dating

On the latter, Marling manages to both show restraint and sound like she could wipe the floor with any other solo artist, female or male.

Especially in Zeffira’s case, all the gauziness of The Deserters goes to shreds as soon as it ends and Marling’s "Take the Night Off" queues up.

The most you can find out about us is through our records. After all, if being in The Horrors, a band that has inspired fans from as far away as Japan to make pilgrimages to his stomping grounds, has taught him anything, it’s that he shouldn’t take his own mystique too seriously. “I don’t think it really matters,” he notes, picking up a pineapple-shaped shaker and rattling it at Zeffira.

“I really enjoy reading the really weird stuff like [conspiracy theorist] David Icke where he’s going on about the royal family being lizards.

Zeffira obviously worked hard on this album, but her pop songwriting skills still seem a little underdeveloped; songs that were likely meant to be listened to closely in order to detect ornate orchestrations instead sound like pretty background flittings and whispers.

I have been listening to The Deserters in conjunction with Laura Marling’s Once I Was an Eagle, which may be tampering my judgment a little.

Here’s hoping Cat’s Eyes wasn’t a single-album project.

Despite dating and making music together for several years as Cat’s Eyes, last summer was the first time Faris Badwan visited Rachel Zeffira’s tiny Canadian hometown, located some 10 hours outside of Vancouver.

Zeffira’s wash of emotions, generated by the experience of bringing her boyfriend back to her childhood home, was captured in the swoony ballad “Everything Moves,” found on the duo’s sophomore full-length, .

"Rachel went through a whole period of time where she was collecting percussion instruments, and they really started to fill up the house," he says.

"I remember some of my friends would come over and they'd get really excited to play these weird things, but she's kind of curbed that habit." Although the album is set to feature a wide array of instrumentation — including a number of Turkish instruments and Zeffira's main instrument, the oboe — Badwan says the soundtrack is more about creating a mood than anything else.

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Although neither performer had worked on a soundtrack previously, Badwan says partnering with Strickland (who previously employed Broadcast to soundtrack his 2012 feature Berberian Sound Studio) was a natural fit for the band.

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