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Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. ^.^r/: ^.t/' - - - ^ have arty lawfiil Let or Impediment of Prc-Coritrad, Affinity or Confanguinity, to hinder their being joined in the Holy Bands of Matrimony, and afterwards their living together as Man and Wife; dien this Obligatioa ^ to be void, or dfe to ftand and remain in fu U Force and Virtiic« ' 1 Sealed and Delivered in frn H f'^^*^'^ ^ /i the Prefence of ^ * . This universal recc^nition of marriage without any fixed formula or ceremony, antedating, as it does, any existing municipal or canonical law on the subject, may be regarded as the universal common law of marriage, based upon the actual fact of continuous, public cohabitation as husband and wife. V : VVestermarck'a "History of Marriage." London, 1900. are accustomed to look to the Roman law, and its gradual de- velopment into the modern municipal, civil and c«anonical law of marriage. Studies in History and Jurisprudence, by James Bryce, New York and London. and in contravention of the good order and custom of our Fath- erland, wherein being willing to provide, in order to prevent the mischiefs and irregularities which will flow therefrom; Therefore the Director General and Council aforesaid do hereby Ordain that all published persons, after three proclamations have been made and no lawful 1 New Amsterdam Records, I., 155, 159. A few extracts will suffice : November 4, 1650.— Nicolas Velthuysen is asked by the Court, why he has tamed his wife out of the house and why he will not live with her? but gave her a blow, because she took his money, that he had laid away in his chest. whereby many nconveniences have ensued, and many more mought ensue and follow: (2) as where heretofore divers and many Persons, after long continuance together in Matrimony, without any Allegation of either of the Parties, or any other at their Marriage, why the same Matrimony should not be good, just and lawful, and after the same Matrimony solemnized and consummate by carnal Knowledge, and also sometime Fnilt of Children ensued of the same Marriage, have nevertheless, by an unjust law of the Bishop of Rome, which is. ** As to irregular marriages, and the evidence by which they may be established, we cannot do better than lay before our readers a short exposition of the law in the words of Lord Moncreiff', whose authority in consistorial questions is justly entitled to the greatest weight : * The governing rule of law is unquestionably that marriage is constituted by the consent of 1 In accordance with the general principle that a marriage p(*r verba de pr(E.*enti. ious or other ceremony, if valid where celebrated Is valid every- where, it has been held by the Eniflish courts that such marriages in Scotland, prior to 19 and 20 Vict. 16 Aten, Gerardus, Reading Town, and Dinah Johnson, Reading Town. 28 Atkinson, William, Barlington, and Mary Bishop, Burlington 1731 Feb.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. / ' ■ » -•*; ^^^M DOCUMENTS RELATING TO THE COLONIAL HISTORY OF THE State of New Jersey: VOLUME XXII. It is not necessary to expatiate on the interest and import- ance of the contents of this volume. As Grotius puts it : ^' We find Marriage (taken naturally) to be nothing else, but such co-habitation of a man with a woman, as placeth the Woman, as it were, under the eye (that is) under the safeguard of the Man." ROMAN MARRIAGE LAW. A discussion of this phase of the subject is, however, foreign to the purpose of this writing. Among the Romans no special ceremony was required to establish the relation. — — — Aaltye (Lubberts)S denies having taken the money. That upon Pretence of a former Contract made, and not consummate by carnal Copulation (for Proof whereof two Witnesses by that Law were only required) been divorced^nd separated, contrary to God's Law. 3 Atkinson, Joseph, Barlington, and Sarah Aaronson, Barlington 1731 Feb.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. marriage having been made and given before the Eyes of God, should remain in force, so that neither plaintifl nor defendant should be at liberty, without the knowledge and approbation of the magistrates and the other one of the interested parties, to enter into matrimony with any other person, man or woman. In accordance with correct practice of the ecclesiastical and ciril order, in this City, so that the aforesaid proceedings greatly tend to the In- fringement on the good policy of our Fatherland and the privilege and Jurisdlc- lio D of this City, and prepare a way, whereby hereafter some sons and daughters. 'Tis true, that our Theologians correctly say that we must not tolerate or per- mit lesser sins, in order thereby to avoid greater ones. , 4 Ashborn, William, Chester, and Hannah Hagg, Chester.

Its marriage records ell preserved, and are reproduced down to i Soi, in VI t RKFACK. This was in 1800 the only church within the present Hudson county. Camden, 1877, PP* 3^7~4'^" Orange Presbyterian — baptisms, 1756-62, 1 765-1 784. Paterson — History of the Old Dutch Church at Totowa (now the First Reformed, Paterson), 1755-1827. Baptismal Register (in the original Dutch), 1756-1808. 252-315, in a History of the Church, by the pastor, the Rev. Governor Livingston's daughter Susannah was born 1748 or 1749; married Judge John Cleves Symmes, Septem- ber 10, 1794. XI expressed it, covenire in manum viri — to come under the hand of her husband. Decreed to postpone the matter until next Court day, when s&Id Lautsman is to be beard, and Lodowyck Pos is allowed to retain his daughter during that time. 1665.— Lodowyck Pos and his daughter Beletje, wife of Arent Lauts- man. 1 Austin, Amos, Burlington, and Esther Haines 1736 Sept 27 Austin, Edward, Philadelphia, and Elizabeth Bower, Philadelphia ...1737 Sept.

E,nglish Neighborhood (now Leonia), 1770; no records prior to 1812. Baptismal records, 1735-1760, and early burials in neighboring cemeteries, pp. Morristown — Bill of Mortality, being a register of all the deaths in the Presbyterian and Baptist congregations, 1768- 1806. The wife fulfilled the co-emption by purchasing, with three pieces of copper, a just introduction to her husband's house and household duties. 16 Aves, George, Gloucester, and Sarah Whitall, Gloucester 1730 Mar. 13 Ayar, Moses, Cumberland, and Sarah Pettet, Cumberland 1777 July 16 Ayars, John, Cu m berland, and Susannah Jerman, Hopewell 1751 Nov. Y.1763 July 11 Ayers, Moses, Somer set, and Jane Chambers, Somerset 1739 Nov. 1800 July 17 Dawes, Fanny, and Luke Havilon Higgins 1798 Dec 9) Dawes, Hannah, and Samuel Chandler.

There were two or three Lu- theran churches in the Saddle River valley, some of them dat- ing well back toward 1700* and there may be early marriage records kept by their pastors, but the editor has not been able to find them. Co-emptio was a sort of symbolic pur- chase of the wife by the husband, from the family to which she belonged, per ces et libram^ in the presence of five witnesses, and a sixth as libripens^ or balance-holder. 17 Ayars, Joshua, Salem, and Zerviah Ayars 1764 Mar. 13 Ayers, Obadiah, Somerset, and Dorothy Landol 1746 Feb. Frazee, M iddlesex, and Phebe Bloomfield, Middlesex 1749 Feb.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. A Marriage License in 1695, xcii L Lord Combury's Instructions, xciv. before and until such persons, according to Setlufi'lavd style, have entered and received their bans and proclamations of marriage where they are dwelling and have resided the la^^t year. which (under correction) is contrary to the style and laws of our Fatherland, it is our request to your Honbi« Court, in case such a circumstance should hereafter occur, that we may be informed thereof in order to prevent all Improprieties, which we on our part engage to do in like manner, especially as it is usual, according to the custom of our Fatherland, that everyone shall have three publications at the place where his domicile is and then he may go and be married where he pleases. appeared in Court and " prayed most earnestly that a disposal may be made of the petition and remonstrance concerning the marriage between said van Beeck and Mary Verlet, presented to the Court." Three days later Johannes van Beeck requested as before, **that action may be had on his petition, offering furthermore, if necessary, to affirm under oath what he has stated in his pe- tition respecting the private conversation with Hon**'*^ Petrus Stuyvesant.' »» "The Court having seen and examined the petition, presented on the l Oth and 16th last, regarding the marriage bans of Johan van Beeck and Maria Verleth, it N noted - 1st. Supreme Council and Consistory, he consents she should have them. 1-18, where the whole subject of Scottish marriages was care- fully considered by the House of Lords; Dalrymple v. 5 Asbton, John, Monmouth, and Catharine Taylor, Monmouth 1741 June 2 Ashton, Bobert, and Hannah Famsworth 1747-8 Feb. 29 Deckeman, Sarepta, and Cyrus Tooker 1795 Dec 23 Delanoir, Miss Maria Antynette, and Michael Paff 1801 May 3 Denman, Aaron, of Springfield, and Elizabeth Mulford, of Elizabeth Town M.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. The Laws of England Applicable to the Colo- nies, xciv. A Word as to "Bundling," xcvii L Ihe Marriage Act of 1719. Thus done in the Assembly of the Director and Council of Sew Netherland, this 19 January, A. 1654, Sew Afnatei^am.- An instance of the violation of the law of Holland requir- ing the publication of the banns in the place of domicile of the parties was brought to the attention of the New Amsterdam authorities on January 26, 1654, when Cornells van Tienhoven as Schout of this City appeared in Court and made an exoflflcio complaint of the illegal proceedings of the Court of Gravesend in settinj? Who in the beginning instituted marriage; also what the Apostle of the Gentiles teaches about it. He desires them now only as his legal right and requests that guar- dians be appointed. a future period, however forma], where no sexual inter- course has followed upon it, may be retracted, though the per- son retracting may be liable in damages for breach of promise. 15 Ashton, John, Monmouth, and Eatherine Taylor, Monmouth 1742 Aug.

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Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Marriage Records, 1665-1800 Edited, with an Historical Introduction on the Early Marriage Laws of New Jersey, and the Precedents on which they were Founded, By WILLIAM NELSON. J.: 'f HB PRISSS p RINn SC AND Pr BLl SHING Co., 269 MMN St KEET. The lawyer will often turn to these marriage records to solve obscure questions of title to land. For the evolution of the law in relation to marriage, we 1 The most recent Investigations of anthropologists do not bear out the claim of M' Lennan (•'Primitive Marria(? It was enough that a man and a woman, to whose union there was no legal impediment, from nearness of kin or from any other cause, lived together as hus- band and wife, giving themselves out as such : the law recog- nized the consent of the parties thus expressed as sufficient to constitute the legal obligation of matrimony. The Rights of the Clergy of that Part of Great Britain, cali'd England, by Wm. Nicolas replying says, that he gave her child money to buy one thing or another to eat. and so the true Matrimony, both .solemnized in the face of ihe Church and consummate with bodily Knowl- edge, and confirmed also with the Fruit of Children had between them, clearly frustrate and dissolved ; (3) Funher also, by reason of other Prohibitions than God's Law admitleth. 10 Atkinson, John, Bucks, Pa., and Margaret Yaets, Backs, Pa.

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