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Waitressing gigs paid her way wherever she went and fed her compulsion to experience new places and people. Whatever money she managed to accumulate on her own through waitressing she used to expand her wardrobe.She’d rather go hungry than wear outdated or worn clothing.

In July 1946, she returned to Southern California to be close to Joseph Gordon Fickling, an intensely handsome air force lieutenant with sensual dark eyes.This development traumatized Elizabeth who, for many years, believed he was dead.Actually he’d faked a suicide and moved to Vallejo, California. Muriel, Short’s sister, was two years old when Cleo left. Short didn’t quite make it into the heart of Hollywood. Short knew the value of her beauty and knew she embodied the feminine ideal of the 40s, with her meaty legs, full hips and a small, up-turned nose. She dyed her mousy brown locks raven black, painted her lips blood red and pinned white flowers in her hair. Short was a drifter for at least one to two years before she ended up in Los Angeles.

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They’d met in California two years earlier, shortly before he was shipped overseas. In their private letters — which were confiscated by the police and put in newspapers after Short’s murder — Fickling expressed impatience with Short’s flirtations, wondering if he ranked higher in her heart than any other man. He moved to North Carolina to work as a commercial airline pilot, but they stayed in touch.

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