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Follow the link on the party confirmation they will send upon receiving an RSVP from you for details.This group is primarily in San Diego but has recently begun having events in Temecula to be more accessible to people from the LA Area.If you are new to the BDSM community there is a terminology used on this web page you may be unfamiliar with. A BDSM Club's dungeon party are typically private to the membership, but in all other respects they are public events within the membership.It will happen, and is normally expected to happen, that your play will be watched by others.Female members are expected to remain in submissive Fetish wear OR other submissive outfit for the evening. If a sub comes without a Dom or a collar, a House Collar will be provided ( deposit required which is retuned upon the return of the collar when leaving).Round tags, which symbolize availability to negotiate play, are available for all single subs to wear.This is a listing of the greater Los Angeles BDSM/Fetish clubs, events, and other kinky resources that I am aware of.

Also needed are any memberships that are required to attend and the age restrictions. A listing of major many day events that attract throughout the USA and worldwide is on the National Fetish Scene page (inside USA) and the International Fetish Scene page (outside USA).Must wear a pair of NICE underwear, no tighty whiteys or boxer shorts....prefer thong underwear. The next event is announced on the Den of Iniquity's Event Bright page. - 10 pm - High Protocol Social, during which time subs can serve their Doms and discuss what they have learned, negotiate scenes, or just relax.Maintaining Your Welcome at BDSM Events Dungeon Parties Professional Dungeon Parties Night Clubs Slave Auctions Workshops Balls Bed And Bondage Retreats Dungeon Rentals Conventions and Weekend Events Leather Gatherings and Munches Opportunities To Be In Motion Pictures, Video, and Photos Flea Markets and Vendor Fairs Brick and Mortar Fetish Shops Vanilla Events Other Sites With LA Fetish Scene Webpages National Events in the USAInternational Event outside the USA This is a high protocol party.New male slaves are required to attend a half hour protocol training session just before the dungeon party starts, and follow those protocols during the party that follows.

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