Intimidating coaches

More than anything else—and we hope to emphasize this point enough that it takes hold—the coach and the administrator are partners in this venture, not adversaries. And quite clearly, both have the same ultimate goal: school improvement.

James Comer (1995) said it best: "No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship." It is commonly believed that because one works in the realm of education, one is open to learning new things. Often, educators are even more resistant to tackling something new, which is ironic, really, when one of the primary purposes of education is to teach students to value learning.

Dan Klein, a local school board member, sent the three-page complaint to the Oyster River Youth Association and town officials in Durham, Madbury and Lee.

(WHDH) — A New Hampshire father wrote a complaint to town officials, accusing youth baseball coaches of threatening to injure his daughter.

With all these relationships in place, there is virtual assurance that the teacher will be bent on learning, be keyed into self-reflection, and interdependently receive support that leads to continuous professional growth.

These three unyielding elements are the critical pieces of Strength-Based School Improvement.

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Capacity: 86,112 Big home games in 2017: TCU and West Virginia The Sooners just win, and they’re projected to win some more this year.So how do we counteract naturally resistant tendencies and bring about meaningful, lasting progress in education today?The answer is in forming significant relationships. With the teacher in the center of the triangle, we note three clear sets of connections: (1) the teacher's strong peer relationships, grounded in the foundation of the PLC framework; (2) the teacher's strong relationship with the instructional coach; and (3) the teacher's strong relationship with the school administrator.The grind-it-out football the Badgers play lends itself to some phenomenal matchups when the weather gets cold, and Wisconsin is never out of the game when they play at home.Capacity: 81,500 Big home games in 2017: Auburn, Florida State The Tigers have only lost three games at home in the past five years, thanks in part to a crowd that refuses to let up.

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