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continuously spotted Tiffany heading to Ethan’s home after finishing work, not only does she have a spare key, she will often change clothes; seems like she has become the female master.

Love fever; do not bear to separate Last month on the 21st, Tiffany was spotted at Ethan’s work place waiting for him to finish work.

I really wish that they have part 2 because I really love that drama... bye- bye i wacthed your drama fated to love you, it's very beautiful story. ethan and joe congrates your acting is the best ilike both all of your drama ive seen,watched already.

Lan Cheng-lung (Chinese: 藍正龍; pinyin: Lán Zhèng Lóng, born March 1, 1979 in Luodong, Taiwan), also known as Blue Lan, is a Taiwanese actor.

Shirley Yang (Joe Chen) is an archaeologist who grew up in the United States. See full summary » Stars: Dong Jin, Da Zhao, Joe Chen, Xinming Yang Swordsman is a 2013 Chinese Martial television series adapted from Louis Cha's novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

The series is written and produced by Yu Zheng, starring Wallace Huo, Joe ...

The same year, he appeared with Ken Chu and Jerry Yan in Spicy Teacher. E members, Ella Chen and Hebe Tien, in Magical Love.

Stars: Joe Chen, Nailiang Jia, Bosco Wong, Liangping Chen "Cruel Romance" adapted from Yi Nian's novel "Jin Xiu Yuan", the drama tells a romantic adventure story between Zhen Zuo, a overbearing and affectionate man, and Jinxiu Rong, a strong and kind woman.Stars: Joe Chen, Xiaoming Huang, Jiarong Lü, Kimi Qiao One lover can't stand up to his mother and another lover also must leave her behind.You Jiaqi (Joe Chen) falls in love after meeting Meng Heping (William Feng), and the two start dating. See full summary » Stars: Joe Chen, William Feng, Roy Chiu, Chen Lu A young man whose life revolves around basketball must give up what he loves the most to repent for a horrible tragedy.She laughed saying that if lazy Ming Dao ends up with good skin, he has to thank her, again showing their good relationship.what do you mean that ''Fated to love you'' have part 2....

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Other than this, she revealed that her good friend Ming Dao has also benefitted.

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