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We’re told the co-stars aren’t secretly dating, and the claim otherwise is simply made-up.Of course, the tabloids have a habit of romantically linking co-stars who aren’t actually together, so we’re not surprised by these bogus rumors.She’d definitely fall in love with her Bojangles’ day manager though.When you’re spending a secluded three months filming a spy thriller in Eastern Europe — during one of the most freezing cold winters on record — it’s not hard to bond with your costars. The Australian actor is in town to discuss , a spy thriller - based on the Jason Matthews novel - in which he plays Nate Nash, a CIA agent who finds himself the target of a Russian ballerina-turned-spy (Jennifer Lawrence). Rather than promote the projects, he launches into a spontaneous, unstructured meta-monologue on the process of promoting his films delivered at a breakneck speed that makes you thankful for dictaphones.

But they each think the other one is a little bit weird. When asked if there was anything weird about Lawrence, Edgerton had to pause and think.

Edgerton ascertains he committed to each of these roles for specific reasons and has no time for those who fail to muster enthusiasm for promoting any film they star in.

"Here's the thing: no matter what's in your head about how tough it is, your life is not tough. If you’re getting paid to be an actor, you're lucky.

But Joel made it.” Edgerton says, “It literally felt like I was visiting someone’s else’s Thanksgiving dinner.” Edgerton and Lawrence’s friendship has continued since filming the thriller, in which Lawrence plays a Russian spy trained to use her sexuality to get information, and Edgerton is an American CIA operative hoping to turn her into a double agent.

It was more a friendship and a working relationship.” The questionable source says Lawrence and Edgerton’s dynamic changed after she became single.

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