Law mandating ethanol use

Required markings on a cylinder must be legible and must meet the applicable requirements of subpart C of part 180 of this subchapter.

Additional information may be marked on the cylinder provided it does not affect the required markings prescribed in the applicable cylinder specification.

Cylinders containing toxic gases and toxic gas mixtures meeting the criteria of Division 2.3 Hazard Zone A or B must conform to the requirements of § 173.40 and CGA S-1.1 (compliance with paragraph is not required) (IBR; see § 171.7 of this subchapter) and CGA S-7 (IBR; see § 171.7 of this subchapter).

A DOT 39 cylinder, UN non-refillable cylinder, or a UN composite cylinder certified to ISO-11119-3 may not be used for a toxic gas or toxic gas mixture meeting the criteria for Division 2.3, Hazard Zone A or B.

A cylinder may be repaired and requalified only as prescribed in subpart C of part 180 of this subchapter.

Pressure relief devices must be tested for leaks before a filled cylinder is shipped from the cylinder filling plant.

The DOT, ICC, CRC, BTC, CTC and TC specifications authorized for use are as follows: A cylinder must be filled in accordance with this part, except that a “TC” cylinder must be filled in accordance with the Transport Canada TDG Regulations (IBR; see § 171.7 of this subchapter).

It is expressly forbidden to repair a leaking fusible plug device where the leak is through the fusible metal or between the fusible metal and the opening in the plug body, except by removal and replacement of the pressure relief device.

When a cylinder with a marked pressure limit is prescribed, another cylinder made under the same specification but with a higher marked pressure limit is authorized.

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However, a cylinder in transportation or a cylinder filled prior to the expiration of its authorized service life may be transported for reprocessing or disposal of the cylinder's contents.

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