Legal separation vs divorce dating

This is mostly thanks to couples still being on good terms with each other and not needing to set court dates.As with divorce, if you have significant assets it can be a wise decision to hire divorce lawyers to review the division of property.If you have a prenuptial agreement in place, review it with divorce lawyers to make sure there isn’t an infidelity clause.Those are the only things that can impose penalties for dating while legally separated.For most people, the court cannot force one spouse to accept a legal separation when they request a divorce.Legal separations are usually less contentious than divorces.

If one spouse cheats, that will not affect the outcome of the asset division.Legal separations put your married status in a marriage purgatory. If you have children and choose to move out, be cautious with the custody.Caring for your children three days a week at a minimum can prevent a judge giving (even temporarily) to your spouse.If you don’t have assets and both agree to a joint custody schedule, you may not need attorneys.Significant assets include things like large retirement accounts, real estate, investments, or businesses. That means you don’t need a reason to divorce your spouse.

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