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As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven't covered. Tags: academic papers, squid Posted on December 29, 2017 at PM • 124 Comments • December 29, 2017 PM China: Social Media Account Becomes Official ID ‘The We Chat ID programme was co-developed by the research institute of the Ministry of Public Security and Tencent’s We Chat team, and supported by various banks and several other government departments.The project is expected to help deter online identity theft, as facial recognition technology is used to verify applicants before their virtual ID cards get authorised."Global proliferation of cephalopods" Summary: Human activities have substantially changed the world's oceans in recent decades, altering marine food webs, habitats and biogeochemical processes.Cephalopods (squid, cuttlefish and octopuses) have a unique set of biological traits, including rapid growth, short lifespans and strong life-history plasticity, allowing them to adapt quickly to changing environmental conditions.Those verified will be able to use their We Chat ID to register in hotels and apply for government services without the need of bringing their physical ID cards.’ No wonder Mr Zuckerburg’s 50 state swing as he positions Silicon Valley’s ruling elite for the 2020 elections.

There should be some analogs in operating systems, computing hardware and in services, like the Five Horsemen of the Tech Apocalypse. Big Brother is Watching You Watch Dirt Boxes: The Newest Government Tool for Warrantless Privacy Invasion The American Conservative Imperial Collapse Watch “Fat Leonard” Scandal Fallout Will Damage the Navy for Years US Naval Institute (Re Silc). Quantum mysteries dissolve if possibilities are realities Science Magazine (El Viejito). Perhaps squid are on the cusp of evolving the best "psychic" collaboration ever known, and when there are enough of them to reach their critical mass, it will be Squid, not Humans nor our Computers, who become the Singularity.

They protect banks and major corporations from paying the rates of taxes you or I pay on income. This has made it far easier to mop up terrorist sympathizers, protesters, and other undesirables than it ever was through good ol' fashioned detective work. By blocking payment apps from running on phones with operating systems that have less tracking,such as Copperhead and Replicant,subversive behavior is reduced. Watches are next, starting with the Apples Watch Series 3 with GPS and cellular, since people are far less likely to leave their watches behind their phones.

They've given 79% of 1.5 Trillion dollars of your sons and daughter's money to the ultra rich 50. But some radicals will, even once all watches are required to have this security feature, which brings us to.... For purposes of national security, everyone should be required to receive a free, safe, painless microchip with integrated payment chip, GPS and 3G mobile communications technology.

Our results suggest that large-scale, directional processes, common to a range of coastal and oceanic environments, are responsible.

This study presents the first evidence that cephalopod populations have increased globally, indicating that these ecologically and commercially important invertebrates may have benefited from a changing ocean environment.

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