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The backlash even prompted a response from the , the party’s official mouthpiece, urging calm on both sides.A set of three posters was also put up anonymously on campus information boards on Monday night, criticising the university for trying to silence Yue.

If "fan" is taken in its meaning of the term "fanatic," though, there'd really be no contest.The posters were removed by campus security within an hour, but photos of it had already gone viral online.Yue is an activist in the growing #Me Too movement against sexual harassment on Chinese campuses and in workplaces.The university should be proud so many PKU students still have the university spirit in them and examine itself.” In the wake of the backlash, the state mouthpiece People’s Daily addressed the matter Tuesday on its social media accounts.“The university and its students should not be on opposing ends of the matter,” the commentary said, urging the school to “improve its understanding of and communication with the younger generation.” “In resolving the problem at hand, both sides should have more tolerance and patience,” it said.

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