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According to a diocesan spokesman (in the Daily Mail), the school has no Christian students: it is 100 percent muslim.

Not everyone would say that it is, and some of them don't know it, but America is a beacon of freedom in the world.

You think you rule the place and you speak, how insulted masters, have not been given their rightful place of honor.All ladies will be seated at their tables and then guys will take their places at their respective tables (don’t worry we always guide you as to where to sit).You will have around 20-30 one-to-one dates that last approximately 3 minutes each.As if that's not bad enough, this was on the feast of the Epiphany, the day that celebrates the divinity of Christ.I believe that the Bible says that the generation that witnessed the restoration of Israel would pass before He returned.

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It is a faith of inclusion, to consider where the other is, with the same value than yourself (unless you are acting as enemies), and no conditional greeting. It is self-murder, to crawl Islam, inch by inch in the direction of a civilised places in Sharia hell-holes.

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