Not dating in high school

By the time you two come back home for winter break, it's time for that inevitable talk. One of my best friends not only continued her high school relationship in college, she also ended up at the same college as her boyfriend at the time.This might seem like the ideal situation for those of you who are seniors in high school and can't imagine not being around your BF/GF in college. Yeah, they managed to drag it out for another two years or so before it imploded.I’m coming to these conclusions about high school relationships from things I’ve noticed over the years as well as stories that my friends, co-workers, and even my boyfriend told me about their high school flings.Sorry to break it to you, but the conclusions are grim: High school relationships often don’t have happy endings.I would take back some moments where I’ve accidentally hurt different girls, but my intentions have always remained the same: to protect women and guard their hearts.

So, without further ado, here are seven cold hard truths about high school relationships. Nobody likes to hear this, especially those of you who are in high school relationships right now. Sure, you'll have the couples who last throughout high school, and the few who even make it beyond, but most high school relationships have a lifespan of months, not years. You probably aren't going to be in a Cory and Topanga situation, okay? It might start off okay, but then you're overwhelmed by classes, new friends, and that cutie in your philosophy class.Yeah, uh, you think that texting bae when the parents aren't home is all crafty and stuff, but being anxious about mom walking in or somebody catching you making out in the car isn't exactly fun.Just wait until college to really take advantage of what it really means to have privacy, okay?I’ve had some time to think about the choices I’ve made.There have been a lot of choices I’d change and things I’d do differently.

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