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Scent at the start 8.5/10 AFTER IT DRIES 10/10 Projection 8/10 Longevity 10/10 Overall 9.5/10 I think . I do get vanilla on this , but the lavender and mint is more prominent I think that is the reason why it leaves me this fresh out of the shower vibe.a fresh, clean feeling with a kick of vanilla on it.It has my favorite note, vanilla, featured very prominently.Yet, it's not a feminine vanilla, which is kind of hard to pull off with something sweet like vanilla.I have a simple nose that can't pick out individual notes beyond the obvious so all I get is a nice vanilla. I don't particularly like it on me, and I can't see liking it on a man either.

Intensive and sensible, modern, and comfortably warm, masculine and gentle...

I used it for few times, then I gave it to my younger brother because I got negative reactions around me as much as I got compliments.

The nose, Francis Kurkudjian, has built a respectable reputation in parfumary world and created his own label (I think today he's a part of LVMH group), starting from Le MALE.

Regretted buying this one, bought just because they were on sale and they wanted to clear the stock of the christmas edition.

Ooh, it's amazing what effect personal preference has!

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