Open office charts not updating updatetimestampscache pre invalidating space

Please help me how to refresh the chart in open xml I am using the following code, Presentation Document my Dest Deck = Presentation Document. First you have the data-entry in excel files (which in a word document would be located in /word/embeddings) Besides that you have a data-cache that contains (for some reason) a cache of the data showed in your file in xml format. Chart Reference From there you can get the Charts ID which you into can look up in your Rels file to get the path to the chart xml you need to edit.

Open(@"Presentation1.pptx", true); Presentation Part Pres Part = my Dest Deck. (located in /word/charts) For your new data to be effective at once when your file is opened, you need to update thoose files as well. I didn't write that part of the code in the project, but I am at liberty to share the mess, so here you go.

Now, I know I could programmatically insert a module with code that someone could run after the ppt is created... Are you thinking about creating an Amazon Web Services account for your business? In this course you’ll get an overview of the history of AWS and take a tour of their user interface.

but I want to put it all in a neat little bundle, so there's no need to do any other steps...

Emma When you are testing Libre Office, Pedro's suggestion to convert the document to the Open Document format is an excellent one to keep in mind.

I am trying to update embedded excel part of chart in power point by some other excel file, it is updating the embedded excel file but the chart. Close(); I have only worked with Open XML in context, but I suspect you are having the same problem I had when I wanted to update some embedded chars in the document.

one thing which I noticed is, once I come back from "Edit Data" option i can able to see the update in the chart. Assuming the same approach I took is valid for Power Point, a chart has two datapoints in the zip-package that contains all the files.

I don't really approve of this way, but it should give you an idea of how to approach it.

When you got the path sorted out, you can do something like this (using the charts we extracted in the first code segment You can now choose how you want to edit the data it contains.

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