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(Note the present day embankment did not exist.) The only building of note in the old Roman area which was used by the Saxons was the site of St Paul's for a church of that name.There was also a Saxon Palace (position not known).

That is commencing in London, east of the river Lea and Lea Marshes and running north south through present day Wathamstow. This was a relatively stable division as the Saxon rulers in London persuaded the Danish Vikings to stay in their allocated territory in return for a regular monthly income of silver pennies minted in London.When the Romans arrived they quickly chose the London area as the HQ for all activities in their new island colony perhaps because the area between present day Cannon Street Station and the Tower of London, on the north bank of the River Thames made an ideal port and with quick access to high ground. In addition, at this point two smaller rivers join the Thames from the north providing easy access to extra clean drinking water and additional defence from attackers.These two rivers are now no longer to be seen but can easily be located. The mouth of the Walbrook is now under Cannon Street railway station and it's passage from the north follows Walbrook Street which connects Cannon Street station with the Mansion House and the Bank of England almost due north.It is possible today to "take a walk" round where the wall was, locating its position via its famous gates which names are still in existence today.Starting in the west at present day Blackfriars Bridge walk north only about 200 yards to "Ludgate" (now Ludgate circus).

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