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TASC™ test results will be distributed approximately five to six weeks from the date of testing.

Some results may take longer due to errors requiring manual reconciliation of records to ensure accuracy.

The TASC™ is a High School Equivalency (HSE) national examination developed by DRC/CTB and is jointly administered by DRC/CTB and the New York State Education Department.

The test is available to adults who did not graduate from high school or whose diplomas may not be recognized by New York State.

If the candidate does not pass the TASC™ sub-test but passed the same GED® sub-test, the GED® score will be accepted as a passing score.

If a candidate has already passed all five (5) GED® sub-tests but did not attain the minimum total score of 2250, such candidate must pass at least one of the TASC™ sub-tests to obtain a New York State High School Equivalency Diploma.

Most people assumed I was going to see Niagara Falls. In a time when every American city starts to seem the same, when Dallas looks like Tampa looks like Charlotte looks like Phoenix, Buffalo feels solidly like Buffalo, New York.

Candidates who possess them cannot use them for any academic or vocational purposes. to obtain or upgrade a job, to enter a training program, to enlist in the United States Armed Forces, to enter into a post-secondary institution, college, or university, etc.).

to do up there,” my trainer said when I told him why I’d be gone for five days. ” have been coming from the shores of Lake Erie for a few years now, the combination of bitter cold and perception of decay have kept people from going to find out.

ALBANY, NY (July 6, 2007) - Attorney General Andrew M.

Cuomo announced today a settlement with the nationwide dating service It's Just Lunch International and its three New York State franchises for exceeding the limit a consumer can be charged for social referral services.

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The case was handled by Assistant Attorney General Dennis Rosen and Senior Investigator Peter Eiss of the Buffalo Regional Office.

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  1. Those were also the years in which the chain set up one of the initiatives most intricately linked with the quality of its services and the development of its employees, an initiative which continues to thrive today: the corporate university, known as NH University, created to provide all-encompassing, ongoing training to the entire workforce.