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The query file you download is a tab separated file (tsv).If you click the option to use a comma as the decimal separator, the number 12,123.54 is saved as 12123,54 in this tsv file.For a specific country-series pair, the date (month and year) of the last update is indicated in the notes option you may choose to append to the report at the end of a query.Because of differences in data collection techniques, methodological issues, focus, and timing, the data in the IFS, specified source and the World Economic Outlook may differ.Historical data are updated on a continual basis as more information becomes available, and structural breaks in data are often adjusted to produce smooth series with the use of splicing and other techniques.IMF staff estimates continue to serve as proxies for historical series when complete information is unavailable.The data published in the Statistics Department's International Financial Statistics (IFS) are gathered as part of an ongoing data collection effort in which member country statistical agencies provide public statistics to the IMF.

At the country group level, the year of the publication is assumed to be the start of the forecast period. However, you may find more historical coverage in the IMF Data which contains data from other IMF publications (Balance of Payments, Direction of Trade, Government Finance Statistics, and International Financial Statistics). The WEO database and publication are updated and published twice a year, usually in April and October as documentation for meetings of the International Monetary and Financial Committee, and forms the main instrument of the IMF's global surveillance activities. For WEO updates and news, you can subscribe to our free e-mail notification at https://org/external/cntpst/(ucpvwhi1wxxnr2rhlz4mmq45)/Official announcements regarding the WEO release date come from the IMF Communications department via IMF.org, email alerts, and other official channels. In response to the growing demand for more frequent forecast updates, the WEO Update is published in January and July between the two main WEO publications released usually in April and October. To unsubscribe to e-mail notifications, see https://org/external/cntpst/(ucpvwhi1wxxnr2rhlz4mmq45)/A.Questions about the WEO should be posted in the WEO Data Forum.Questions about other IMF publications/databases should be sent to the appropriate email address listed below: Commodity Prices – [email protected] Monitor - [email protected] Financial Stability Report (GFSR) – [email protected] Financial Statistics (IFS), Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPS), Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS), Government Finance Statistics (GFS) – [email protected] others – [email protected] to top A.

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In this example, for the next WEO, you will have to change 2018/01 to 2018/02.

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