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Let’s assume you’ve started dating people by this point.Communication and space are really important from the get-go if you are looking for a more serious relationship. In this modern era, people are too busy for being social in real life.

That’s why dating sites, and later, dating apps emerged.While I come from the perspective that living with secrets is unbearable and you should only choose to have people in your life who accept you wholly and unconditionally, my partner is perfectly happy to keep secrets from his coworkers and family.This can put me in the uncomfortable position of having to pretend to be his “friend.”But, among our Japanese LGBT friends, being out with one’s family and coworkers is by far the exception.Did you fall in love suddenly and unexpectedly, bound together forever with no need for discussion or conflict? For the rest of us in a relationship that morphs and evolves over time, a little planning can never hurt. Not every beneficial relationship has to be forever, but fill your partner in on what’s happening in your life as you make these decisions.The most important thing to remember when long-term dating a Japanese person is that same-sex marriage is not legal in Japan (aside from a few domestic partnerships scattered around the country).

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