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That's one good reason China's military budget is 8 billion a year and rising.

It's probably difficult to walk through Beijing's most prosperous neighborhoods or Shanghai's glittering streets and grasp that you are in a country that borders three of the most unstable places in the world — Pakistan, Afghanistan, and North Korea.The PLAAF and naval air arm of the PLAN together possess 1,321 fighter and attack aircraft — including hundreds of J-7s, pictured — plus 134 heavy bombers and tankers and 20 airborne early warning planes.China also operates more than 700 combat helicopters.Beijing is building a powerful blue-water navy, developing stealth fighters, and carefully experimenting with peacekeeping and expeditionary operations.China's military buildup, along with an aggressive foreign policy, has inspired a fair amount of alarm in the West. China's military budget has grown by double-digits year after year, but inflation has eaten away at the increases.

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