Sauli koskinen and adam lambert dating

During the altercation, Lambert whacked a former Miss Helsinki, THR said.Sofia Ruusila, who'd been out celebrating with the boys, told a local entertainment channel she was accidentally hit by the singer when she tried to get between the two as they fought. Koskinen, whom Lambert began dating in 2010, won the Finnish version of "Big Brother" in 2007, according to MTV News.“Being an entertainer, you get kind of obsessive about your journey, your career.“If you’re driven, which you have to be, you’re constantly looking for the next thing and it’s hard to feel satisfied.From November 2010 to April 2013, Lambert was dating Finnish TV personality Sauli Koskinen.31-year-old Koskinen was the winner of Big Brother 2007, and currently works as an entertainment reporter.

The Finnish news report below comes via MJ's Big Blog.Note that there's one "divided by" sign in there -- no doubt a reference to the fight that according to the Hollywood Reporter started in a back room at the DTM (Don't Tell Mama) gay bar and made its way outside.The story gets better, mind you: A beauty queen was involved.Talking to Time Magazine, Lambert made sure that everyone knows that he is not trying to take the place of the late Freddie Mercury. It’s more a celebration of the legacy of the band – that’s the heart of the show.” Lambert tore into Donald Trump for using a selection of Queen songs at the Republican National Convention during the US election.“At some point every night I talk to the audience about it, like, “I know.

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