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Jesus was born of a virgin, but he was also a virgin himself, while remaining a completely fulfilled and perfect human being.And sex is not just another experience to add to one’s collection.

After all, it’s not very loving to have an unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease or to make someone feel as if you just want them for their body.In the context of cohabitation, this is sometimes seen as a "trial marriage".If two people love each other it is seen as natural for them to express that love through sex, regardless of their marital state. That seems to be the attitude many have towards “recreational sex.” In response to these worldy attitudes, Christians can say: Sex isn’t essential. You’re not repressed if you wait until you’re married before sleeping with someone: you’re sensible!The verb translated "prostituted herself" is (see below).Third, pre-marital sex, even if it is between two consenting adults, is considered wrong (verses 23-24) Notice that in this case the "engaged-married" distinction is almost non-existent.

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Pressure continues to be brought to bear upon the church to accept non-marital sexual relationships as a normal and acceptable part of modern life, especially in the context of cohabitation (as opposed to marriage).

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