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This activity is appropriate and affordable for any age from 16 years and up.

The evening started off with a round of shots to get the conversation going and then Cristina, Cook and Date’s founder and organizer, paired us off into cooking stations.

This month, two such events fell into our proverbial lap: Dashing Date and Cook and Date. Meeting new people in the post-university phase of life isn’t the easiest task.

Aside from joining the online dating brigade – a perfectly good option – one can either hang out in bars, coffee shops and bookstores waiting to stumble upon a dateable male or, as one friend suggested, stand at your balcony and sing “Hang With Me” to the people below.

The US Navy's newest littoral combat ship, the USS Little Rock, is stuck in ice in Montreal and will not be able to move until the spring thaw.

The USS Little Rock was commissioned on December 16 in Buffalo, New York, and scheduled to depart the following day for its home port at Mayport Naval Station in Jacksonville, Florida.

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” Luckily, Dashing Date’s organizer, Kavita, had all the details thought out from the cocktail handed to us upon arrival to icebreakers to question cards, leaving little room for error or awkwardness.

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