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Restaurants, meanwhile, serve some of the tastiest gastronomy in the land.

Don't be put off by Évora cathedral's rather austere complexion.

While tiptoeing towards the nave, look out for the building's oddity - the Moorish cistern hidden under a trapdoor set among the pews.

Vestiges of the furnace or praefurnium (essentially, a central heating system) and the natatio (open-air swimming pool) can also be admired.This extraordinary example of ancient architecture would have been housed in the largest public building in Roman Évora and today can be visited for free, Mon-Fri during office hours.The grand-sounding 14th-century Palace of the Dukes of Cadaval incorporates vestiges of the city's long lost castle, the castellated walls surrounding the property being an obvious reference.Medieval Évora thrived as a center of learning and the arts, and was patronized by a succession of Portuguese kings.Its numerous churches and monasteries stand as testament to a devout and pious legacy.

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