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T's gonna come out on top because he's fightin' for what he believes in too; and Piper, just like a lot of other dudes out here [pointing thumb at Ventura], like you, Ventura, take a lot of shortcuts and go down awful quick! And for you, Andre the Giant, it's time to face the truth brother. And to beat me man, You've got to beat every little Hulkamaniac, every little Hulkster in the world. All the ones that don't take any shortcuts brother. Bundy's goin' down, it doesn't matter about the ribs, Ventura. T and Rowdy Roddy Piper: I'm gonna make a prediction that Mr. As I headed for the mountains, some of the nonbelievers in the gym said, "See ya later Hulkster, man! When I felt the fury as I ripped, as I tore this shirt, as I headed for the sunset man, I looked down brothers, and as the sun beamed off the gold in my eyes, I realized that sooner or later, you gotta live and die and you gotta face the truth. The training, saying your prayers, eating the vitamins.I just wanna let everybody know that as much as I'd like to be rooting for The Hart Foundation, I just can't under the circumstances. You're doing it, Hogan, because you're going to lose to the Macho Man! Gorilla: Completely bent out of shape, Jesse Ventura. Merely, the Hulkster's gone out and made a movie, the name of it, No Holds Barred. When we crossed the border from the United States of America to Canada, I was hovering over Skydome, brother, I saw what was beneath me man.

You're going to see me in the ring and you're going to see the last match of Andrea because he retires if he can't do it. Lou Duva: He's the prospect, I think of the heavyweights out there today, he the best prospect known. I have got the absolute best coach in the entire world to train me. What you gonna do Andre The Giant when the real truth, the 24 inch pythons and Hulkamania runs wild on you?

It's everything I believe in, all those little Hulksters, and it stands for America, brother!

Hulk Hogan: Well, you know, Ventura, I don't care what you believe, brother. Whether my ribs are busted up or not, I'm gonna defend this World Heavyweight Title, man.

- Florida Championship Wrestling (2007-2008), Kaitlyn (wrestler) - The Chickbusters; NXT Redemption (2010-2012), WWE Divas Championship - History, Survivor Series (2010) - Event, Eve Torres - Divas Champion (2009-2011), Mickie James - Divas Champion and Smack Down (2009-2010), Deuce 'n Domino - In wrestling, Alicia Fox - Brand switches (2008-2010), Sylvain Grenier - In wrestling, Wrestle Mania XXV - Results, Rosa Mendes - Beginnings (2006-2008), Kelly Kelly - Other media, WWE Fatal 4-Way - Background, Matt Striker - NXT host (2010-2013), Maryse Ouellet, Wrestle Mania XXVI - Main event matches, and much more...

Wrestle Mania is a professional wrestling pay-per-view event, produced annually in late-March or early-April by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) (formerly known as World Wrestling Federation). Bobby "The Brain" Heenan: You know what we did, just keep your hands to yourself here. I've been down with Biggs training, with Spinks training. Bobby: Just a minute, I'm talking 'cause I'm on a roll here!

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