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They also have a pretty good listing for some Australian shows, not bad!Some shows still need updating though (in terms of date, episode summary, and thumbnail) but overall, it meets all my needs.Alternatively, you can play your own content, using apps such as Plex; it’s good to see that the Plex for Fire TV app includes access to Plex Cloud Sync servers, which isn’t available on all platforms.DLNA and Air Play streaming are supported too, using third-party apps such as Air Play/DLNA Receiver; in practice, though, we hit problems trying to stream Full HD content from an i Phone over a wireless network, resulting in broken and distorted video.Thanks again for telling me about this, I'm so happy (yes, a little sad to be so excited over a tv show app...) Oh wow, thanks for the headsup! Never heard of it before but gave it a try anyways and it's totally worth it.

Yes and it is a little bit sad to be so excited about a TV show app.A lot of big-name apps are available, including Spotify Connect, You Tube, Sky News and BBC Sport.There’s even a Netflix app, so if you’re a subscriber to Amazon’s rival streaming service, the Fire TV Stick can be your single point of access to both massive media libraries.Alexa integration adds massive potential to the Fire TV Stick. It’s a bit of a guessing game as to what questions it can answer.It means you can now use the voice remote to control smart devices in your house, check your diary, discover local restaurants, follow your sports team… But, if like me, you’re not already 100% invested in Alexa, the learning curve can be a bit frustrating. ” and you’ll get a quick response with a lovely graphic that displays the forecast. Still, since you now get the voice-controlled remote as standard, you’re future-proofed to a certain degree, even if your house isn’t.

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Accessing Alexa's voice-activated features is easy. Just press and hold the Voice button on your Amazon Fire TV Voice Remote or the Fire TV Remote app and say what you want Alexa to do.

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