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You could always script something together to load up the correct page and check the version of the driver they are offering, if you really wanted to put that much work in?

I'd advise against automatically updating the graphic card driver.

It's not really crucial that you have the latest driver version.

On the contrary, quite regularly, a new version does more harm than good.

Note here I'm using Linux and this option is not functional in my case (Although I don't really need it as my OS have a repo with nvidia drivers and so I can update everything in my linux at once via a single command). You're going to have to follow their restrictions however you can easily check the site yourself and download the newest driver. After all I'd only expect an update for an existing product if it's broken in some way.

Link for Nvidia download page is the link if you just want to manually specify the driver.

I'd suggest bookmarking a page like Guru3D downloads and checking it once in a while.

Don't install a version that has been released less than a few days agos, and screen the user comments, if a version is broken you'll see a handful of rants.

lang=en-us Use Option 1 to describe the computer you want it for, as if you were downloading it for later transfer to some other computer.In my case, that setup file is located in this directory: It's a bit of a hassle initially, but I'm willing to put up with it over making fake info.The version I have right now is, and I've saved the installer just in case I need to reinstall.Examples: Those last 3 were instances of permanent damage.Of course they're most likely covered by warranty, but with any driver you also risk new crashes and performance problems, so you should be prepared to test your favorite games and roll back the driver if it isn't suitable.

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Now you can get driver updates, and need not be worried about what NVIDIA knows about you.

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