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This is great as most users will not be using it for commercial purposes (as long as you aren't making money off it you don't need to pay for it) such as gaming.

No community or server owner could be flexible in this system.

So join now to verify your age and let the fun begin!

Built by gamers, for gamers, C3 provides voice services for players of all skill levels.

If you're just looking to chat with friends, then it's super easy and simple to use, but if you want to run a server with 500 people, then that can be a little more time consuming(while still easy to learn).

For those that are used to the way Slack (a similar chat client) works, Discord will be familiar in its use, which lowers the learning curve quite a bit for those that have switched or tried Slack before. Premium account is just a way to say "thank you" to developers.

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