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The online shop is showing "out of stock" (poor form Optus for keeping the page up if the offer's been off for 6 months); and there doesn't appear to be a way to find that specific offer by navigating through offers from the main Optus web page. I haven't ordered one yet but the data share sim was one of the main reasons for signing up.I've noticed that since placing the order they have removed all references to it.It would be good if others pursue this with the TIO. My data share sims are meant to turn up tomorrow, and I'll be ringing optus if they don't.I've got the chat log showing the order had gone through and would be posted out, so hopefully this helps.

I hope more carriers start moving towards this rather than trying to get us to spend 5-10 month for individual sims."Customer Service" may raise an order and subsequently cancel it. or is this a dodgy facility that optus has that does not have a FNN.Does it show up in your "My Account" & show you a break-up of data that said devices have used.Wish I did it upfront, but the employee said nothing to worry about, we can do it on a later date.Yes but they still have the offer page up and it remains in the CIS (not in the new CIS', but still in the old ones even though it is not longer available).

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