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See more » Have you ever noticed how the excuses for seeing a really bad movie have an eerie similarity to the excuses for adultery? It is unclear to me why anyone thinks that Stella (Angela Basset) lost her groove in the first place.I didn't really intend to see it, it just sort of happened, I never really wanted to, but I was parked in front of the TV and there it was. Stella is rich, successful, unbelievably beautiful, smart, independent, and a fashion plate. Chadwick and his stylist, Ashley Weston, were featured last month in THR’s power stylists issue.She has some hot photos of Chadwick in more casual wear on her Instagram. Winston Duke, 31, got a lot of attention as M’Baku in as he was virtually unknown prior, having just done guest stints on TV.Murphy created the character of police officer Athena Grant with Bassett in mind, the , featuring the actress as the Queen Mother of Wakanda. The one that’s coming in (this week's) episode, you’re like, “Really? ” It involves a motorcycle crash and that one’s pretty rough.

We’ll be covering the photos and fashion in a few posts this morning as there were so many people there.

Winston, 31, has a drama degree from Yale, where he met and befriended Lupita Nyong’o.

This makes me wonder why Lupita wasn’t there, but her IMDB doesn’t have her listed in Infinity War.

Q: You retweeted Hillary Clinton's praise for the movie — — and Michelle Obama’s. With what we’re going through in 2018, to hear some sense come from the Marvel Universe is pretty wild. It’s such a blessing, because it's also shattered expectations or myths about what a film about black folk can do, in the marketplace and globally.

Q: Do you have a favorite meme inspired by the movie? There’s always been this thought that these kinds of films with these people and these faces don't travel.

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