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Rob Estes was born in Norfolk, Virginia in July 1963.Estes originally intended to be a stunt double before he got into acting.

I played a police officer who was trying to solve a crime that ended his wife’s life while still working and fighting alcoholism. I just wrapped the first season of a VH1 show based on Star Jones’ satirical novel “Satan’s Sisters.” Star Jones is one of the executive producers, and it’s based on the behind-the-scenes drama of a talk show driven by women and all of the fun stuff that happens with those personalities.There’s less traffic, and for what we got in Santa Monica – a two-bedroom apartment – we pay about the same here and we have a four-bedroom house in a gated community on the beach. We all played sports, so I thought that athletics was cooler. You don’t see an actor pushing anything, you just go, “Oh, my gosh, this guy is telling a story from some kind of subconscious understanding.” So it’s almost like he doesn’t know what’s coming next, and that’s just fun to watch.I became interested in acting when I was working with Hubie Kerns, who was Batman’s stunt double, and he was saying that sometimes they want you to be able to say a few lines before you fall off the building or get shot or get hit, and I thought that was fun, so I auditioned for USC’s BFA program. I was staying with my sister in San Clemente when we met. Rob, Edward Norton has always been my favorite; I feel like he can pull off anything.He was born an only child to Mary Lu, an office administrator, and Bill Nipper, a projectionist. Rob Estes net worth: Rob Estes is an American actor who has a net worth of million.

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