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So sometimes as a woman you have to lay the groundwork to get him to kiss you. The lean in always works because now the guy knows, "Ok, she's leaning in. It's safe."You could just plain out look at him and say, "Just kiss me already!

Kiss Me First will be airing on Channel 4 on Monday, April 2 at 10pm and will be available on Netflix to those outside of the UK. You start thinking to yourself, "How do I get him to kiss me? In fact, guys ask me at my seminars all the time, "How do I initiate a kiss with a woman? If you're dating a passive boy you're going to have to take control, but you have to be ok with taking on the masculine role in the relationship. But if you have to keep leading him and keep hinting you want to be kissed, it might be time to tell him to take a walk. There are just some guys out there that are absolutely terrified to initiate any physical contact with a woman. Man meets woman, man claims woman, man kisses woman, man shows he's turned on by woman and man becomes man in front of woman. "This may sound a bit simplistic and like you're spoon feeding him, but we all need to be more upfront when it comes to dating. And some women might find it charming he's not trying to eat your face off the first time you meet. A beautiful, sexy woman shouldn't have to ask the question, "How do I get him to kiss me? "If we went all Hollywood romance and went to the movies, you'd see a man throw the leading lady against a wall, put his mouth to hers and kiss her passionately at just the right moment. There are plenty of men out there ready and willing to take control and kiss you as you want to be kissed.

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  1. After a few seconds, I calmed down and handled the rejection like a “grown woman.”No matter how long you’ve been playing the dating game, it’s hard to get used to being rejected, especially when you’ve been in the game for as long as I have.