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The seminars work on all computers (Windows PC, Apple Mac, etc.) and handheld devices (i Pad, i Phone, Tablets, etc.).View Live CE Events Calendar On-Demand Seminars are pre-recorded seminars that you can access online when you need them.This is YOUR little corner of the board to ask questions, seek advice, check values, and chat. Moderator: Volunteer Moderator Team CLUBS - This is YOUR Club space to use however you wish - please add your details! The Moderators here can consolidate info into a new post and keep things tidy.

No charge - totally **FREE** for stamp board members to use to use. Whether we own them or not we all love LOOKING at philatelic Gems and goodies. Add your comments WHY this stamp or cover or item is superb or unusual.

Moderator: Volunteer Moderator Team New to Bulletin Boards? How to post, edit, how to add photos or avatars etc. Please feel free to ask questions or add suggestions yourself.

Add threads here re any technical issues that might concern you. But be CERTAIN you have turned "ON" your email access in your account settings, or no-one will be able to contact you.

NOTE: - We have a nearby Forum for basic questions from *NEW* collectors. Moderator: Volunteer Moderator Team Victim of the Photobucket gangster RANSOM demand? In the world's dumbest business idea since "New Coke",

You can post photos of the stamps right here to assist .

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Moderator: Volunteer Moderator Team Cinderellas etc - all the stamps that are NOT regular postage stamp related We all have and handle these from time to time. And tools to measure perforations or paper thickness or USB magnifiers etc Please add your new discoveries - and recommendations to this forum.

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