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Say "no" to being asked out over text messages and instead of "poking" a friend you haven't talked to in a year, pick up the phone.And for Pete's sake, if you ever have to deliver bad news to someone, don't type it.Hopefully you are already beginning to see that any woman who takes the chicken way out of a break-up conversation is not the kind of woman you could have a quality relationship with - no matter how hot she may be.And if you think about it, there were probably some red flags before this incident.And, of course, if you've been dating for, say, more than a few months, even the most poetic Facebook breakup message will ultimately look cowardly. But hey, we don't see anything wrong with a well thought-out farewell e-mail for one of those middle-of-the-road relationships.But if you went to the trouble of changing your facebook status for said person, you definitely owe them a message before you tell the world you're "single" again.Call immediately and simply state that you just wanted to complete the relationship with an actual conversation.If you feel like you absolutely must get one comment in about the email, then say something along the lines of, "I would have preferred it if you would not have ended our relationship via email - it felt a little cold.

We'll even go so far as to say if you make the effort to formally , you're ahead of at least 30 percent of the pack.All of us are becoming far too reliant on our gadgets and starved for real human connection.To anyone reading who has been afflicted by or is an afflicter of cowardly cyber communication, take a stand for human connection!But even worse than being dumped is the way she let me know it was over: she sent me an email. - Dear John Email Recipient, 27, Chicago Dear John Email Recipient, Ouch.The subject line was "hi" and then she basically wrote that she enjoyed the time we spent together, but things just did not feel "right." I want to call and ask her why she's calling it quits but I'm so peeved about breaking up with me over email that I can't stomach a conversation. Getting dumped is hard enough, but discovering you're a dumpee via your inbox is pretty cold.

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