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Fractionation is a very powerful technique that men have been using for years to make women to reliant on them.The following paragraphs will outline some fractionation seduction tips.You’ll be able to decide where to go to dinner, where to go on vacation, and so much more.If you are currently in between girlfriends, it is important that you lay down the ground rules from the beginning.The whole goal of fractionation is to make the woman go on a rollercoaster of emotions.By making the woman go on a rollercoaster of emotions, she will become reliant on you.Though it sounds complicated, it is really so simple I believe anyone can use it – that includes you!Today’s post is focused entirely on the topic of fractionation seduction.

In all I can say that the best seduction technique out there is fractionation.Once you find out what experiences she associates with sadness, you’ll be able to probe deeper.Learning how to get a girlfriend and make her love you is not trivial at all.One way to get the ball rolling is by asking her to talk about her favorite vacation.Once she starts getting into the conversation, you’ll be able to tell how she truly feels about the vacation.

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Showing the woman know that you are in charge from the beginning lets her know that you are serious when it comes to roles.

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