Hospital accomidating bariatric

He set the healing back about four months, I believe. At times he runs behind schedule, but that is because he does not rush patients through the exam room like cattle. He needs to make slow, cautious movement when manipulating a body part. I have since seen him for sports med related concerns.. If you can find a way to him for a sports related injury, it is worth it! Thorne I had him looking after me and my family since the early 80's as well.........., professional and knows his stuff! for looking after us for all those years in such a kind considerate way!

A couple of months ago he changed her anti-hypertensive drugs but did not take her blood pressure while she was in his office despite her request that he do so.On leaving his examination room, my mother collapsed in his waiting room and Dr Choe had to call an ambulance.The initial assessment by the paramedics showed my mother to have an extremely low blood pressure around 80/40.He always says everything is fine until something goes wrong.Elaine his secretary is horrible too, disgusting experience for me.

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